***NEWS*** Service Updates & Fare Changes

August 7, 2017



From the 8th of August we will no longer be selling tickets through our M-Tickets app to use on our services.

We have had several years of using the app & unfortunately the usage has not grown enough to cope with the charges that come along with the app.

We appreciate that customers may have purchased multi-journey tickets such as weekly / monthly which we will allow to run until the expiry.

Customers who have purchased tickets but have not downloaded them to the phone we advise to get in touch & we will either process a refund or give the option to download.

For inquiries please contact info@coachservicesltd.co.uk

****Service Changes From 4th September 2017****

We will be making some changes to our services from the 4th of September this year.

Service 84 

Service 84 will no longer serve the Kimms Belt / Fulmerston Road Bus Stops in the Town.
When the service has picked up at St Martins Way it will turn left, head to the main traffic lights & turn right towards Bury St Edmunds.

It was not an easy decision but it has become increasingly difficult to access this area with parked cars, for safety & time keeping reasons we have decided to remove this part of the service.
We advise passengers waiting at Kimms Belt to use the Bus Stop on St Martins way & passengers on Icknield Way to use the Bus Stop at Queensway on the main Road.

New Service T3

We will be adding in a new ‘Cross Town’ service in addition to complement the existing T1 & T2 service in Thetford.
The service will link together most parts of the existing T1 & T2 giving a direct link across Town & the 2 major Supermarkets.

****Fare Increase****

We will be implementing a fare increase of around 3% on all services apart from the T1 & T2 Thetford Town Services.
New Timetables will be up on the website by Friday the 11th of August & paper timetables will be available in the buses within the next 2 weeks.