Covid-19 Support Page

Update 15/07/2021

Please find below our updated guidance for the easing of restrictions on the 19th of July 2021.

Coach Services has responded to Government advice on public transport and you will notice additional steps that have been put in place to protect staff and passengers.


Please see measures below and what you can do to help stay safe.


  • Do not travel if you feel unwell or if you or a member of your household is displaying Covid-19 symptoms.

  • Allow passengers to alight and the passenger in front of you to move away from the driver before you step on the bus.
  • Please tender correct change.
  • From 19th July 2021 the wearing of a face covering is optional but recommended on busy journeys. This could be a face mask, scarf or bandana etc.
  • No eating and drinking on board our vehicles.
  • Please take all rubbish with you when you leave the vehicle, including face coverings, newspapers etc.
  • Open windows to aid ventilation.
  • Be considerate of other passengers.
  • We have implemented enhanced thorough cleaning regimes including regular disinfection of all grab rails, bell push buttons, poles, handles, ledges and other touch points.
  • To protect our drivers, we have provided face shields, gloves, hand sanitiser and encouraging regular hand washing, wherever possible.
  • General Government guidelines encourage regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use a hand sanitiser whenever soap and water are not available.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow when you cough or sneeze and then place the tissue in a bin as soon as possible.

Common Questions;
  Is it safe to travel on a bus?
 Yes, and with operators and customers working together we will provide a bus network, for those who need it, that is safe and allows everyone to complete their essential journeys. In line with UK Government advice, we are continuing with the systematic daily deep cleaning of our vehicles and facilities.  Drivers also have access to gloves and hand sanitiser and all staff are encouraged to wash their hands regularly.

  1. Do all passengers have to wear a face covering on bus services?
    From 19th July 2021, face coverings are optional but recommend during busy periods.

    Will you be providing face masks or hand sanitiser for passengers?
    No, customers should use their own sanitiser and face covering. Follow the link below for the Government advice on using and making a face covering.

  1. Are you still accepting cash on your buses?
    Yes, but we encourage all our customers if paying with cash to please pay using the exact fare. Contactless payments can also be made as well as advance purchases on the ‘MyTrip’ app.
  1. Will I be able to board the bus with a pram or pushchair?
    We are only allowing one pushchair or pram on the bus at any one time.  We ask customers with a pushchair or buggy to consider the travel needs of vulnerable passengers and those in a wheelchair or with restricted mobility.
  1. Will I be able to board a bus in my wheelchair?
    We are asking customers to consider the travel needs of vulnerable passengers and those in a wheelchair and will do all we can to prioritise access to the wheelchair space for a wheelchair user.
  1. Can I use a bus if I am feeling unwell?
    Government advice is that people should not travel if they are suffering from coronavirus symptoms including a persistent cough or high temperature and should follow public health guidelines.
  1. Why is my driver not wearing a mask while in their cab?
    Whilst it is not mandatory for a driver to wear a face covering or a mask, the primary reason for this is due to the face covering or mask becoming a distraction while driving. Also, if the driver wears glasses then there is a risk of glasses being steamed up while driving.
  1. Why is my driver wearing a face covering or mask when they help vulnerable people?
    Our drivers have to leave their cab when helping vulnerable customers and so are following the advice to wear a face covering or mask as they are now in an open area of the bus and briefly in closer contact with the passenger.


Update 25/02/2021

Due to the recent announcements & the return of education we will changing our timetables from 08/03/2021.

  • Service 86A Brandon – Thetford – Bury Schools will be re-instated.
  • Service 84/86 will revert back to the previous timetable.
  • Service 82 will remain suspended but the 83 will continue to run every 30 minutes around Thetford.

Please pay by contactless where possible & visit our Covid-19 page for all the latest guidance on public transport.

Update 12/01/2021

Unfortunately due to sharp decline in patronage & the closure of schools & colleges we have taken the decision to make a frequency reduction on some of our routes from 18/01/2021.
We have tried to keep the impact as minimal as possible, changes are as follows;

  • Service 83 Thetford Town Circular, as opposed to 3 buses an hour it will now operate with 2 buses running every 30 minutes.
    Please click below for the revised 83 timetable;
    Service 83 from 18/01/2021.
  • Services 84/86 – the 84 service will be suspended but the 86 will carry on operating as normal. Meaning that the frequency from Thetford – Bury St Edmunds will be reduced from every 30 minutes to every 60 minutes.
    Please click below for the revised timetable;
    Services 84/86 from 18/01/2021.

All other routes will continue to operate as normal.

Update 05/01/2021

Following on from the recent announcement about the country moving into another National Lockdown we would like to remind our customers that we have no plans to change our services at present but we will be suspending some ‘school only services’ updates on this will follow shortly.

  • Service 86A from Brandon/Thetford – Bury St Edmunds St Benedict’s & County Upper School will be suspended from tomorrow 06/01/2021.
  • Service 371 East Harling – Diss Academy will continue to run until Friday 08/01/2021 & will be reviewed for the week commencing 11/01/2021.


Update 29/12/2020.

With the local areas moving into Tier 4 we would like to inform passengers that we have no plans on changing any of our services. All routes will continue to run as normal.

Please try to pay with contactless where possible on our services & continue to follow Government Guidance when using public transport.

Update 09/11/2020.

In light of recent changes to National Restrictions we have no plans to change any of our services & our full network will continue to run as normal.

We kindly remind passengers to follow Government Guidance when using public transport.

We have recently rolled out new ticket machines on our services & contactless payments are now available.

Our services are increasing once again from the 1st of September 2020.

Please click the link for more information – Service Changes 01/09/2020

From the same date we will also be making some adjustments to our fares.
All of our single fares will be increased by 5% with the returns & multi-trip tickets being adjusted accordingly.
For example fares on our popular routes please see our Timetables & Maps Page.

Please click the link ‘School Travel From September 2020’ for information & season ticket prices.

Changes from the 6th of July 2020.

From the 6th of July 2020 we will be increasing our services & bringing some changes to into our network.

84/86 Service will increase to it’s previous frequency with buses every 60 minutes from Brandon to Bury St Edmunds & every 30 minutes from Thetford Bus Interchange to Bury St Edmunds. The 84 will now ONLY serve Thetford Bus Interchange & no longer terminate at West Suffolk Hospital on off peak journeys. If you wish to travel to the Hospital from Thetford please use the 86.
We have increased our journeys on Saturday’s on the 86 which will run every 60 minutes throughout the day.
The 86 Sunday Services will remain suspended until further notice.

200/201 Service will continue to run at the present frequency with buses from Brandon & Lakenheath to Mildenhall every 2 hours & the Saturday service will be re-instated.

83 Service is a new service which replaces our existing T1/T2 & T3 services. Buses will run every 30 minutes Monday – Saturday & connect the North & South sides of Town on a constant loop with no change needed at the Interchange.

40 Service will revert back to previous frequency Monday – Friday but with no service on Saturdays & no 0930 service from Thetford – Kings Lynn via Mundford.

332 Service will remain at its current service levels & be extended to Saturday.

37A is a new service from East Harling to Norwich that is due to commence on the 26th of July 2020.

If you wish to travel from Thetford to one of the Schools or Colleges in Bury St Edmunds please use the 332 as the 84 & 86 are only traveling direct to the Bus Station.

On the right hand side you will find some useful information when travelling with us, we suggest you familiarise yourselves with this before you travel.

We don’t believe that the buses will be very busy but by increasing our frequencies we hope to provide plenty of space.