Frequently Asked Questions

• Q.    Is it safe to travel on a bus?
Yes, and with operators and customers working together we will provide a bus network, for those who need it, that is safe and allows everyone to complete their journeys. In line with UK Government advice, we are continuing with the systematic daily deep cleaning of our vehicles and facilities. Drivers also have access to gloves and hand sanitiser and all staff are encouraged to wash their hands regularly.

• Q.   How will social distancing work on the bus?

In accordance with government guidance our buses will be operating at a reduced capacity. This means there is some chance that not all passengers will be able to board the first bus. We are following the Government guidelines as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee social distancing will always be achievable. There may be situations where you cannot keep a suitable distance from people, for example when boarding or alighting, on busier services, at busier times of day and when queuing to get on the bus. In addition to the guidance above, in these cases, you should:

o Avoid physical contact
o Try to face away from other peopleo Keep the time you spend near others as short as possible
o Be aware of the surfaces you touch and be careful not to touch your face
o Wait for passengers to get off first before you board
o Please respect other peoples’ space while travelling

Please be aware of other customers who may need the seat or extra space more than you such as pregnant, older and disabled people.

Q.    Will I need to leave extra time for travel?
Passengers should follow Government guidance and leave extra time for their journeys.

Q.    Do all passengers have to wear a face mask on bus services?
Yes, from Monday 15th June 2020 wearing a face covering is mandatory by law unless exempt, for example: young children, breathing difficulties or people whose disabilities make it difficult for them to wear a face covering. A face covering is not the same as the surgical masks or respirators used by healthcare workers.

Click here for information on face covering exemptions.

Q.    Is the driver responsible for managing social distancing?
Please note the seating measures we have introduced are advisory for customers and we will not be asking our drivers to enforce them or leave their cab area, unless operating the manual bus ramp. Our driver will help advise customers when boarding where seats are available.

Q.    Why is my bus not stopping to pick up passengers?
Social distancing measures mean that we may have to reduce the capacities on our buses. It is likely that, as these new capacities are first introduced, not all passengers will be able to board the first bus that arrives. You might see ‘Bus full due to social distancing’ messages on the destination display, which means the bus may not stop.

Q.    Will you be providing face masks or hand sanitiser for passengers?
No, customers should use their own sanitiser and face covering. Follow the link below for the Government advice on using and making a face covering

Q.    Are you still accepting cash on your buses?
Yes, but we encourage all our customers if paying with cash to please pay using the exact fare.

Q.    Will I be able to board the bus with a pram or pushchair?
We are only allowing one pushchair or pram on the bus at any one time. We ask customers with a pushchair or buggy to consider the travel needs of vulnerable passengers and those in a wheelchair or with restricted mobility.

Q.    Will I be able to board a bus in my wheelchair?
We are asking customers to consider the travel needs of vulnerable passengers and those in a wheelchair and will do all we can to prioritise access to the wheelchair space for a wheelchair user.

Q.    Can I use a bus if I am feeling unwell?
Government advice is that people should not travel if they are suffering from coronavirus symptoms including a persistent cough or high temperature, loss of taste and/or smell and should follow public health guidelines.

Q.    Why is my driver not wearing a mask while in their cab?
Whilst it is not mandatory for a driver to wear a face covering or a mask, the primary reason for this is due to the face covering or mask becoming a distraction while driving. Also, if the driver wears glasses then there is a risk of glasses being steamed up while driving.

Q.    Why is my driver wearing a face covering or mask when they help vulnerable people?
Our drivers have to leave their cab when helping vulnerable customers and so are following the advice to wear a face covering or mask as they are now in an open area of the bus and briefly in closer contact with the passenger.