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All Day Tickets are available on the following services;

All Day Travel on 83 (Thetford Town Service)
Adult £4.10
16-19 £3.30
Child £2.80

All Day Travel on 83/84/86* (Thetford Town & to Bury St Edmunds)
Adult £6.50
16-19 £5.30
Child £4.50

1 week Travel on 83/84/86* (Thetford Town & to Bury St Edmunds)
Adult £30.30
16-19 £24.50
Child £20.40

*does not include travel to/from Brandon

Please note that it’s extremely important that you try to tender the correct fare when travelling on the bus.
The drivers only carry a small amount of change with them.
If they run out of change then they are unable to issue it.


We also offer discounts on multi-journey tickets as follows,

Weekly Ticket,
Unlimited travel for 7 days starting from date of purchase.
Once the ticket is issued the ticket machine will automatically print an expiry date on the front, when the ticket has expired it can no longer be used.

10 Journey Ticket,
This ticket type is for 10 single journeys including the journey made upon purchase.
Once the ticket has been issued it is valid for 10 single journeys between the two points of travel.
Every time the ticket is used a hole will be punched by the driver to signify one journey.
Once all journeys have been used the ticket is no longer valid.
This particular ticket type is very useful for infrequent travellers who use the bus only a few times a week.

Monthly Ticket,
Unlimited travel for one month from date of purchase.
Very useful for regular travellers who use the bus everyday or even several times a day.
Like the Weekly Ticket, once the ticket has been issued an expiry date will be printed on the front.

All of these ticket types are available for 16-19 & child fares also.

Remember when purchasing a 16-19 year old ticket no ID is required but you must remember to ask for the fare!