Concessionary Bus Passes


Coach Services Ltd accept the English National Concessionary Bus Pass on all services.

Passes are valid from 09:30 in the Morning Monday – Friday & all day Saturday & Sunday.

Certain Rural infrequent services are exempt from this rule, they are as follows.

Cs40 Thetford – Brandon – Kings Lynn

37A East Harling to Norwich 09:10 journey from East Harling.


We operate a Smart Card system on our buses.
When boarding please place the pass on top of the reader with the white circles.
If keeping the card in the wallet please make sure there are no other chipped devices next to the card otherwise it will not scan.

The machine will issue a ticket, we advise passengers to take the ticket for their records.

Unfortunately if a valid bus pass cannot be produced then the applicable fare will have to be paid.